Playing Online Blackjack

Blackjack is of course a casino card game that once you fully understand and learn how to play off each hand perfectly, you can get the house edge of the variant you are playing down to some very low amounts.

In fact, you will be very hard pressed to find any other casino game available online or on mobile casino apps which do boast the extremely low house edges attached to Blackjack games. If you have always wanted to play Blackjack from the comfort of your own home online or from anywhere you happen to be via a mobile device, then read on for we will walk you through the entire process!

Accessing Blackjack Games – You will first need to decide how you wish to access the many different Blackjack games available for there are now quite a numbers of gaming platforms available to you.

Many people will play online via a computer or laptop and by doing so you will have the option of playing random number generator determined games which use computer graphics and animations to display the cards and the outcome of each game.

When accessing such a gaming platform you can download an entire casinos suite of game onto your computer or play in any web browser without the need to download a full suite of games via an instant play gaming platform.blackjack good hand

However, if you are a fan of card counting then it will be the new live casinos that will be the most appealing to you, as those games use a live video fed from a land based casino on which you can play your bets and wagers remotely onto the Blackjack tables!

You will also find you can play Blackjack game variants and quite a few of them on most mobile or smart phones or on any type of tablet device too, via the web browsers attached to those devices or by downloading a casino app.

Blackjack Bonuses – One thing that you are going to come across when playing online or mobile Blackjack games which you rarely if ever get offered in a land based casino is bonuses, and plenty of them.

However, it is worth keeping in mind that due to all Blackjack games offering some very low house edges what most if not all casinos that do offer their player bonuses that can be utilized on Blackjack games will force you to do is to play through your bonus credits many more times than for example if you have used those bonus credits on slot machines.

With that in mind lookout for Blackjack related casino bonuses that have the lowest play through requirements and also try and make use of the bonuses that do not have very low maximum bet limits or limits on the amount of cash you can win via the bonus credits as those bonuses offer you the maximum playing value.

Choosing a Variant to Play – The house edge of any Blackjack game is going to be the one and only factor you should keep in mind when deciding just which Blackjack games you should get stuck into playing with your own hard earned money.

Two Blackjack game variants that are and always have been hugely popular with real money players thanks to some very low house edges attached to those games are the Classic Blackjack single hand game form Microgaming and the Blackjack Switch game from Playtech. The former has a house edge when played perfectly of just 0.13% and the latter game house edge when played perfectly is 0.16%.

If you are playing at a casino site that does not use Playtech or Microgaming supplied and designed games then do make sure you look up the house edges attached to all of their available games which is usually listed somewhere on each casinos website, and then make a beeline to play the lowest house edge variants.

Playing Blackjack Optimally – As every single individual Blackjack game variant will have a different perfect strategy we could spend ages listing all of the ways to play each variant optimally.

However, the easiest way you can learn to play Blackjack perfectly will be to get hold of a Blackjack Strategy Card for the variant you are playing as by doing so you can then simply look up what hand you have been dealt out and also the card the Dealer is showing and then follow the instructions on the card in regards to how to play off your hand perfectly.strategy

Three fairly general tips for playing Blackjack games perfectly are to always split any pair of Aces you have been dealt out, never split any pair of tens or ten valued cards and never take the Insurance side bet wager when it is offered to you.

Earning Blackjack Comps – Being rewarded for all of your real money mobile or online Blackjack gaming action will be something you will be getting if you play at any of our featured casino sites as each of them have their own unique comp club.

The more Blackjack hands you play off, win or lose, for real money the more comp points you will earn at those sites and the more points you earn the more bonus credits you will be able to redeem your points for. So with that in mind stick to casino sites that offer one of the more rewarding casino comp clubs or loyalty scheme to lock in even more playing value from your bankroll!

Perfectly Wagering Strategy – You will not only need to know how to play off each hand dealt out to you perfectly but you will also need to put into play a good staking strategy when playing Blackjack.

A few things to keep in mind is that out should always have a stop loss limit and when you reach that amount in losses you should stop playing and also have in mind a winning goal, and once again when you reach that target you should top playing and lock in a profit from that session!