Deposit By Phone Bill Roulette

One of the most appealing casino games you can play online and also at mobile casino sites is of course the game of Roulette and it’s now available to play at various casino using your phone bill to deposit. This is a casino table game that is famed for its volatility, randomness and the fact that in a very short space of time you can turn a very low valued bankroll into a huge winning payout!

However, as a Roulette player you do always need to keep your wits about you when playing Roulette and fully understand the risks attached to each possible getting opportunity available to you on the betting layout. So browse through our pay by phone bill roulette sites and pick your favourite bonuses.

With that in mind we have put together the following guide to playing Roulette online or on any type of mobile device and we suggest you read it though in its entirety as by doing so you may just increase your winning chances when you next playing Roulette for real money!

Roulette Playing Tips

The following section of our guide to playing Roulette is going o be passing onto you a few playing hints and tips, and as such make sure you do digest everything we are about to enlighten you on to help you cut down the risk of losing to the minimal!

Low and High Risk Strategies – If will of course be up to you and you alone in regards to just how much risk you attach to any Roulette game playing session you have, however always equate the stakes you are playing with and for with the current bankroll you are playing with.high risk

When placing the lower paying bets and wagers onto the betting layout you may be best off placing larger valued stakes on those betting opportunities than when you choose to place any of the straight up or spilt number bets, as you will have more chance of those lower paying bets being winning ones than the higher paying ones!

You should always try to get as much play time from your available bankroll so make sure you select a unit stake amount of each spin that will guarantee you do get a fair number of spins from your gambling budget and bankroll, playing for too high a stake amount will see you running the risk of having a very short gambling session!

The Best Roulette Game to Play – Now there are going to be quite a large range of different Roulette game variants that you can access and play online or via a mobile device, and each game will of course offer a different house edge to players.

You should always try and avoid playing any Roulette game which boasts a high house edge and with that in mind steer clear of any type of Roulette game variant that offers bonus betting opportunities or has more than one zero on its wheel!

The type of bets and wagers you place on any Roulette tables betting layout is going to ultimately determine just which will be the best variant to play, so if you only ever place even money paying bets then track down and stick to playing the French Roulette game.french roulette wheel

The French Roulette game offers a house edge of just 1.35% on all even money paying betting opportunities as you will either get half of your stake money back on those bets when a zero is spun in or those bets will remain on the betting layout for the next spin whenever a zero has been spun in.

The European Roulette game offers the lowest house edge on all other betting opportunities and the house edge when playing that game is 2.70%, which for reference is the same house edge as is offered on all non even money paying bets and wagers on the French Roulette game too.

How to Access Roulette Games – There are several different ways that you can play Roulette other than visiting a land based casino. When you are playing on any type of computer or laptop you will have access to a random number generator controlled downloadable or instant play gaming platform at many online casino sites.

Some casinos now offer real live Roulette games and you will also find plenty of different Roulette variants can be accessed on mobile devices either via a downloadable casino app or via a mobile web browser compatible gaming platform too.

Roulette Bonuses and Comps

In this final section four our guide to playing online and mobile Roulette games we will be taking a look at some different ways that you can increase the value of your bankroll and get the maximum rewards from the casino sites that you are playing real money Roulette games at!

Best Roulette Bonuses – Just make sure that if you are thinking of using a casino bonus you may have seen advertised that the bonus credits once claimed can actually be used on Roulette games, for many casinos will either not permit players to use bonus credits on those types of table games or will impose some enormous play through requirements when you use their bonus credits on any Roulette game variant!

Roulette Comps – One thing that you will have no problems earning whenever you choose to play real money Roulette are comps, and each mobile and online casino site will offer their own unique type of comp club and with that in mind it will be worth shopping around.

The best type of casino comp club you can sign up to when you enjoy regularly playing real money Roulette is one which offers a multi tiered type of loyalty scheme, for you can quickly rise up through the ranks of that scheme when playing Roulette.

The more comp points you will be earning and the lower the redemption values for turning your comp points in bonus credits the better, so before you sign up to one casino site do find out just what comp and rewards that site is offering you as there can be a lot of differences in regards to most online casino and mobile casino sites comp clubs!