Block SMS Payments and Messages

For many players around the world, SMS billing is a safe and convenient way to add money to a mobile casino account. However, the phone can fall into the wrong hands and some users may find charges being added to their monthly bill that they have not approved. For those that have issues with added costs or costs associated with the receipt of text messages, there are ways to stop this from happening. While most players will not have problems when they have their phone in their possession, there are times where SMS billing and messaging can become more of a hassle than a benefit. By learning how to stop payments from being processed and how to eliminate text messages that are unwanted, players can remain in control of their spending.

Blocking Text Messages

Some mobile casinos will send many texts to players with registered accounts. These texts can be advertisements or they can contain information about new games of offered casino bonuses or promotions. In any event, some players will incur charges when these types of texts are received. This can greatly increase the phone bill for contract players and can also deplete a balance for those with a PAYG phone.blocked!

One way to stop receiving these texts is to reply Stop to an incoming text. Some casino sites may have players send a message to a different number. These texts will stop any further incoming texts. This just takes a few minutes, and while the reply text may incur an additional charge, it will stop any others from coming through.

If the Stop reply is not an option, players can contact the mobile casino through customer support to stop receiving text messages. This will take a bit longer and players will have to pay for the call if they are using their mobile phone. It is also possible to stop any marketing calls and texts by registering with the Telephone Preference Service.

Blocking Payments

If players have found that they are receiving charges for deposits that they have not confirmed, they can stop Pay by Phone options completely. This can be done by contacting the phone service provider and asking them to make the Premium SMS services unavailable. There are even some providers that will allow users to take this action on their own by accessing their account app. Vodafone is one carrier that allows this to be done. The options to stop the payments will appear on the settings of the app and there should never be any charges associated with stopping such payments.

By taking these steps to prevent unapproved payments and annoying texts, players can continue to enjoy mobile gambling without the hassle from sites. These methods are easy to make use of and they will help to prevent overspending or unverified transactions from occurring. With just a few minutes of time, players can regain control and continue enjoying a secure and positive gambling session using their mobile phones.